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Who we Serve?

PETRONAS Downstream & Maritime Sectors
Oil & Gas Businesses Related
Innovative Businesses
Agriculture/Food Processing
Clean Technology
Non-Profit Organizations
Licensed by PETRONAS

To supply goods and provide services to both the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and the downstream activities of PETRONAS including maritime.

Focused Organization

We are a highly focused organization specializing in the energy industry. We have successfully completed a wide range of searches in the upstream, midstream, and downstream energy sectors.

Leading Global Oil & Gas Company

Nafqaa Synergy is a leading global oil and gas, power plant, health care equipment trading company. We actively supply a complete range of equipment, parts, and accessories for oil and gas-related projects in these regions.

Service Provider

We are also a service provider for power in the industry sector – KEV, TNB, and TANJUNG BIN

Why our consulting?

Our capabilities – We are a full-service engineering and construction business, we have the multi-disciplinary in-house capabilities and capacities to provide fully integrated design, engineering and maintenance services with related to your oil and gas business.

Nafqaa Synergy has vast experience of having been involved in the oil and gas industries for almost 15 years. Our partners have shared many years of oil and gas industry experience and have incorporated their expertise into the company. . .

Our Clients and What They Say

Who We Are Working With

As a trusted global partner in the oil and gas industry, our experiences, processes, and partnership with our clients make us a natural choice.


When it came to outsourcing of oil and gas related services, Nafqaa Synergy proved to be a real expert. They helped us to quickly create a short list of the best vendors in the marketplace as well as a detailed RFP that clearly illustrated our requirements.

Project Management

Nafqaa Synergy provides a proven process for project management that significantly improves the chances that the project will be completed on time, on budget, and on target.

Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is an essential sales skill. The understanding of Nafqaa Synergy on the specific characteristics of the products allows us to obtain advantages with accuracy and persuasion and helps us to determine our needs.

Customer relationship

My relationship with Nafqaa Synergy is what I wish I had with all my ... It is a high quality system and the customer service we receive is just as amazing. I always receive a solution on the day of my request or problem.

Happy Clients

Nafqaa Synergy was an outstanding contribution. Your presence was always accompanied by a smile and your communication style was respectful. I recommend your services wholeheartedly and would like to think we will team up again…

testimonail Shell

Please share our sincerest “Thanks!” and “Way to go!” to the team for being so watchful and responsive. We’re so grateful for their contributions to the re-piping program.

testimonail Petronas

Nafqaa Synergy team demonstrated both technical proficiency and commitment to operational excellence in the rig up and operations …. providing the highest quality of service while showing excellent commitment and attitude.

testimonail ExxonMobil

Our Mission build a sustainable future

To help people create and grow their oil and gas, marine, and energy industry business-related. We will be a smart, productive oil and gas’ service business that provides quality work with integrity. We keep customer service and lasting relationships as our number one priority and seek new customers with the same values.


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